Vegetarian Fitness Meal - Prepackaged

Vegetarian Fitness Meal - Prepackaged

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Packaged, ready to eat portion controlled vegetarian fitness meal - We use the freshest, all natural, plant based protein ingredients.  Will vary week to week but could inclued Lentils, Beans, Falafel, Tofu, Seitan and will be portioned based on your size preferences. 

Each week we'll switch up the carbs and veggies for a simple variety of clean eating. Selections rotate, but do include carb (sweet potato, brown rice, yams) and a green veggie (broccoli, green beans, zucchini). 4 oz meal comes with 3-4 oz carb, 3 oz veggie. 6 oz meal comes with 5-6 oz carb, 3 oz veggie. Nutrients supplied on packaging. No added sugar, wheat, dairy; low sodium. 

Simple, clean and ready to be enjoyed cold or rewarm in microwave or oven. Seven day shelf life in refrigerator. Default is 4 oz protein, 3-4 oz carb, 3 oz veggie.

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